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Valuate Property

Valuating your property is a crucial part of the selling process and can be decisive in achieving the maximum final price in a sale or gaining insights into the economic potential of the property. At Notar, we are deeply committed to offering a free valuation as a key component in helping our clients understand and optimize the value of their homes. Let's delve into the world of "valuing property" and discover how a free valuation can be your best resource.

The Importance of Valuating Your Property

Valuating your property is not just an administrative step in the sales process; it is a strategic action that provides you with insights and strength for future decisions. By valuating your property, you get an assessment of its current market value and a basis for making important decisions.

Notar's Commitment to Transparent & Free Valuation

Our dedication to offering a free valuation goes hand in hand with our commitment to making the process as smooth and transparent as possible for our clients. We believe in providing tools and information to empower homeowners and make them informed decision-makers.

Understanding the Concept of "Free Valuation"

A free valuation means that you can get a professional assessment of your property's value without any direct costs. It is an opportunity for you as an owner to gain insights without having to invest financially. Notar strives to make this service easily accessible to give you the knowledge you need without any obligations.

The Process Behind Free Valuation with Notar

The process begins with a simple application for a free valuation. It can be done online or by contacting our dedicated team of real estate agents. We understand that your time is valuable, so we have created a seamless application process to make it easy and convenient for you.

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This thorough review of your property helps us understand all the unique features and details that affect the property's value. We see each property as unique and treat each valuation with great care and precision.

How Long Does it Take to Value a Property?

Several factors determine how long it takes to value your home. These include the size of the property and the type of object it concerns.

You Are Not Committing to Anything When Valuing Your Property

Just because you choose to get a free valuation from us does not mean you are committing to anything. A verbal valuation is completely free at Notar, whether you proceed to engage us as your broker or not.

Valuate Your Property Out of Pure Curiosity

Have you long wondered what your property is actually worth? Many times, there is talk of fluctuations in the real estate market and external factors that affect it, so it's a good idea to get an estimate of what your property is currently worth. A verbal valuation is, of course, free.

Evaluate your home for free!

Fill in your details, and we will contact you shortly.
We also offer digital valuations!

Increase the Value of Your Property

Even if you are not currently considering selling, a property valuation can help you gain a greater understanding of the market where you live. If you feel that the value of the property is too low, you can increase the price by, for example:

  • Renovating the property, either entirely or in part
  • Creating a garden or building a pool
  • Adding an extension

There are many ways to increase the value, both for apartments and houses. Consider what you can do. Another tip is to follow the value development of homes in your area, which you can do here through Notar's Value Monitor.

Valuate Apartment & Condominium

Floor plan, monthly fee, size, and location are among the most important points in an apartment valuation. The external and internal aspects of the property also influence, as well as its placement in the building. A balcony, patio, and whether it faces south also play a role. Notar values your apartment based on competence, knowledge, and your apartment's own possibilities and current condition.

Usually, an apartment in good condition is easier to sell than a renovation project. If you renovate the apartment, it can be sold at a considerably higher price than when you bought it. Book a free apartment valuation with Notar. You choose whether you want a digital valuation or if one of our brokers does it physically.

Location Affects Your Apartment Valuation

The placement of your condominium or apartment in the building is crucial for how much it is worth. An apartment higher up in a building is generally more valuable than one on the ground floor for understandable reasons such as privacy and so on. However, an elevator can play a role. If the property lacks an elevator, the value may be negatively affected. If the apartment is in a townhouse, the placement in the length also matters. Notar's brokers have knowledge of all types of condominium forms and know how the different placements determine the value.

Does Your Apartment Have a Balcony or Patio?

Balconies and patios are sought after by speculators, especially if they are south-facing. However, keep in mind that a ground-floor patio may contribute to a lower value due to more visibility and uncertainty about leaving the door open on days and nights. The higher up the balcony, the less accessible it is to unauthorized persons.

Evaluate your home for free!

Fill in your details, and we will contact you shortly.
We also offer digital valuations!

Valuate House & Villa

Whether you are considering selling, interested in the value of a house, or want to renegotiate your mortgage, we at Notar are available to help you with a house valuation. We provide tips on what you can do to influence the price while giving an estimate of what your house is worth.

A house comes with more maintenance requirements than an apartment, and some things like heating systems, attic, cellar, newly renovated kitchen and bathroom, and plot are among the most important aspects for speculators. Valuate the house with Notar and get a correct estimate as well as advice and tips regarding value-enhancing factors.

How Market Conditions Affect House Valuation

Many external factors come into play when we give an indication of your villa's value. The current property prices in the area, interest rates, and the latest sold objects are all aspects to consider. When it comes to valuating a house, our broker makes an assessment with both external factors and the house's own potential, location, and condition in mind.

Tips for House Valuation

It's good to know what you can do yourself to increase your house's value. A house wears with the years and needs constant maintenance to match market demand in terms of condition. Below are some tips for actions.

  • Renovate the kitchen or bathroom
  • Repaint
  • Facade maintenance for a fresher exterior
  • Extension or small house on the plot
  • Create more bedrooms

In addition to the larger details, you can also contribute with small things to make the villa valuation easier for the broker. Something as simple as keeping it well-organized contributes to an easier estimate. The same applies, of course, when selling.

Evaluate your home for free!

Fill in your details, and we will contact you shortly.
We also offer digital valuations!

Which Objects Can Be Valuated?

At Notar, you have equal opportunities to value your apartment and house, your townhouse, or your holiday home. You can read about valuations of different objects on respective subpages.

Regardless of what you are curious about or want to sell, our skilled brokers can easily understand both the condition, potential, and area. We keep a close eye on the real estate market and always offer a free valuation of the property – physical or digital.

Why Value Your Home?

Ultimately, a realtor appraisal is crucial to understand the value of your home. At Notar, we offer a complimentary realtor appraisal to provide you with insights at no direct cost. Our transparent process makes it easy to obtain a professional assessment of your home's current market value. We take the time to carefully review your home to understand its unique features and details that affect its value. Whether you're curious about the value of your home or considering selling, our complimentary realtor appraisal provides you with valuable insights and guidance without obligations.

Why Choose Notar?

At Notar, only experienced and skilled real estate agents work with good local knowledge of areas both in Sweden and beyond the country's borders. We have offices in several locations in the country and abroad. If, for example, you want to sell your property in Spain, you can seek our help. We make your sale easier and smoother because we can provide very accurate valuations so that you get the most out of your property. Additionally, we value service in a way that few do. Welcome to Notar!

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