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"Is it time to sell or evaluate your property? In Notar's real estate agents, you will find the experience and knowledge that guides you through the entire process. We have agents throughout central Sweden, where each office is an expert in your specific area. Our agents aim to make you feel constantly secure, and together we ensure that we create the best deal of your life!"

Hemnet appoints Notar as the Real Estate Chain of the Year for the 5th consecutive year!

On March 7, 2024, Hemnet hosted the fifth edition of Sweden's largest housing gala, Guldhemmet, where the industry's foremost professionals and strongest contributions are honored. In the competition for the fifth achievement award, we brokered 28.1 homes per active agent, totaling over 16 billion SEK, and once again were crowned the Real Estate Chain of the Year 2023! This win is evidence that our customers appreciate what we do and that we work a little harder than everyone else.

Notar became Notar

When Notar was founded in Norway in the late 1980s, there was still no major specialized competence for real estate sales. In Norway, it was mostly law firms that arranged real estate transactions, and it was at one of these firms that two young lawyers got the idea of solely dedicating themselves to brokering properties. However, the innovative duo did not get support for their ideas at the law firm they worked at, and instead chose to start their own business in 1987.

The first steps as a Real estate agency

The first task was to choose a name for the newly started company, which turned out to be a simple affair. After all, a real estate transaction is about making both the buyer and the seller happy. They therefore chose the name of the scales of justice, Notar. This is also how the role of a real estate agent looks like - it's important not to tip the scales in any direction to create a good and secure deal.

Notar's Real estate agents in Stockholm and Sweden

The company Notar became very popular and grew rapidly. In 1997, Notar finally came to Sweden, and the first office was opened on Linnégatan in Stockholm. The expansion was fast, and already three years later, Notar had eight offices in Stockholm. In 2009, the Swedish and Norwegian parts of the company chose to go their separate ways, and Notar Sverige AB was formed. Notar Sverige AB bought all the rights to the Notar brand in Sweden, and the company chose a new direction.

Notar today has around 200 employees spread across 40 offices and has real estate agents in Stockholm, Uppsala, Jönköping, Västerås, Göteborg, Linköping, Karlstad, Lund Sundsvall and Spain. Today, we are one of Stockholm's largest and foremost real estate agencies and are expanding rapidly. With a positive attitude, a business commitment, and extensive knowledge among our real estate agents, we ensure that your deal becomes the best of your life!"

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Are you looking for a real estate agent in Stockholm? Our agents have extensive experience and a strong relationship with Stockholm. Notar is one of the leading and largest players in Stockholm's inner city, making us the obvious choice for a safe and successful real estate transaction within the city limits as well as beyond. Many of our agents are both residents and natives of Stockholm and can therefore recommend the best cafes, restaurants, and preschools, among other things.

At Notar, we understand that selling your home is one of life's biggest transactions. That's why our talented agents always strive to make the process as safe and smooth as possible for you. With a deep understanding of Stockholm's diverse real estate market and a commitment to understanding your needs, we are ready to guide you through the entire process. Of course, we also help you find your dream home in Stockholm.

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