Find your dream home!

With the help of our property search, we assist you in finding your dream home.

We help you find a home faster

Finding your dream home and buying a property can be easier said than done. When your dream home finally appears, you certainly don't want to miss it. At Notar, we have therefore developed a search engine that makes it easy for you to find exactly what you're looking for. With personalized settings and optimized search functions, searching becomes both enjoyable and time-saving.

A property search allows us to look for your dream home on your behalf and alert you to matching properties. We simply do the searching for you, leaving you with time for other things.

When you've found your new home and are ready to sell your current property, we're happy to assist you with a free valuation. Now you can also get a digital property valuation. We also offer a service we call Value Monitoring where we help you stay updated on how property values are developing in your area so you know when it's best to sell your property. Make use of finding a home and property monitoring to access all of this.