About Notar

When Notar was founded in Norway in the late 1980s, there weren’t yet any major firms focusing and specialising in the sale of residential properties. In Norway it was mostly law firms that arranged residential property transactions, and it was at one of these law firms that two young lawyers had the idea of focusing solely on the role of estate agent for residential properties. However, this innovative duo did not receive backing for their ideas at the law firm where they worked, so they instead decided to start their own business in 1987.

The name Notar

To begin with they needed to choose a name for their new company, and this turned out to be an easy task. A residential property transaction has to do with making both the buyer and the seller happy. The two young lawyers therefore chose the name Notar, in reference to the Scales of Justice. This perfectly reflects the role of the estate agent and the importance of making sure that the scales don’t tip too far in any one direction, in order to create a sound and well-balanced business deal.

Notar in Sweden

The new company Notar became very popular and grew quickly, and in 1997 Notar finally arrived in Sweden when the first Swedish office was opened on Linnégatan in Stockholm. The expansion continued at a rapid rate, and only three years later Notar already had 8 offices in Stockholm.

In 2009 the Swedish and Norwegian parts of the company decided to go separate ways, and the Swedish company Notar Sverige AB was formed. Notar Sverige AB acquired all rights to the brand name Notar in Sweden, and the company chose a new direction. Notar became a pure franchise chain in Sweden, and the first office under the new concept was opened in Hammarby Sjöstad. Today there are around 140 Notar estate agents based at 35 offices throughout the country, and Notar is continuing its expansion in Sweden.

More and more clients have come to understand the importance of powerful and effective marketing when selling their home, and more and more clients have succeeded in finding their dream home.

Hemnet appoints Notar as the Real Estate Chain of the Year for the 5th consecutive year!

On March 7, 2024, Hemnet hosted the fifth edition of Sweden's largest housing gala, Guldhemmet, where the industry's foremost professionals and strongest contributions are honored. In the competition for the fifth achievement award, we brokered 28.1 homes per active agent, totaling over 16 billion SEK, and once again were crowned the Real Estate Chain of the Year 2023! This win is evidence that our customers appreciate what we do and that we work a little harder than everyone else.

Welcome to Notar – welcome home!