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Selling with Notar

Selling a home is a big step. Notar makes it easy with our five-step model that guides you through the entire selling process. We also have several checklists that can help you when selling your home.

Sell Your Home with Notar - Step by Step

Free Valuation & Meeting Your Home

It all starts with a free valuation of your home. We understand that every home has its own story, and we strive to understand and highlight that story. We go through location, condition, and development potential together - all to find the best conditions for you. We also assess how the housing market looks right now, both generally and more specifically for your area. We go through the property and also give you advice on how to make your home even more attractive before the sale. All to get the highest possible price when you sell your home.

Sales Plan & Strategy - Your Success is Our Goal

After the valuation, we create a tailored sales plan and strategy tailored to your home and your goals. We go through each step carefully, from marketing to viewings, to ensure maximum exposure and increased chances of a successful sale. Here it's not just about selling a home, it's about creating a strategy for success.

When is the Right Time to Sell a Home?

The timing of selling a home is generally good regardless of the season. However, there are a few factors to consider. If it's a smaller apartment, it may be wise to sell before the start of the semester when many students are looking for accommodation. If you own a home with a patio or balcony, it can be presented in a nicer way during warmer seasons. Our agents will guide you through the entire process from start to finish.

Upcoming Sales, an Exciting Concept

Are you not quite ready to sell right now or do you want to find your new home first? The "Upcoming" sales concept introduces an exciting dimension to the real estate market, where potential buyers are given the opportunity to participate in and prepare for future real estate transactions before they officially reach the market. It's an innovative strategy that provides unique benefits to both sellers and buyers, creating a preview of what is to come.

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We also offer digital valuations!

How Does Upcoming Work?

In practice, "Upcoming" sales mean that the property is advertised and marketed in a limited manner before it officially reaches the market. This may include information about the property, photos, and other relevant details that provide a comprehensive view of what can be expected. The seller and the real estate agent can simultaneously communicate with potential buyers and build interest and anticipation.

For the Seller - Preparation & Exclusivity

For sellers, "Upcoming" sales open the door to a carefully planned and exclusive marketing phase. It gives the seller the opportunity to create anticipation and interest around their property before it is officially released to the market. By offering a preview of the upcoming sale, the seller can build a group of potential buyers and create a sense of exclusivity.

For the Buyer - Early Access & Planning Opportunities

For buyers, "Upcoming" sales offer a unique opportunity to gain early access to information about upcoming properties. It gives the buyer extra time to investigate, evaluate, and plan their purchase. By being aware of future sales, the buyer can create a strategy and be ready to act as soon as the property becomes available. It's a chance to be ahead of the game and secure interest before the competition increases.

Benefits for Both Parties - Increased Transparency & Efficiency When Selling or Buying a Property

"Upcoming" sales create a platform for increased transparency and efficiency in property transactions. By openly sharing information about upcoming sales, a trusting relationship is established between sellers and buyers. This concept also allows both parties to effectively plan and execute the sales process, which can lead to quicker and smoother transactions.

Powerful Marketing - Showcase Your Home to the Right Buyers

Notar's strong presence and expertise in the market are used to create a powerful marketing strategy. Professional photography, well-planned viewings, and well-designed marketing materials help put your home in the spotlight. We ensure that your home is visible to the right buyers at the right time.

Viewings & Customer Relations - Building Trust & Understanding

We handle viewings with care and professionalism to attract potential buyers. By building strong relationships with buyers, we strive to understand their needs and preferences to facilitate a smooth sales process. For us, each viewing is an opportunity to build trust and understanding.

Price Negotiation & Agreement - Maximize the Value of Your Home

Notar's experienced agents lead price negotiations skillfully to ensure you get the best possible outcome. We work to achieve an agreement that benefits both the seller and the buyer, focusing on maximizing the value of your home.

Contract Process - Security & Precision in Every Detail

We handle the contract process with precision and accuracy. Our legal expertise ensures that all formal requirements are met, and we strive to make the process as smooth and secure as possible for all parties involved. Every detail is important, and we emphasize security and precision throughout the process.

Closure & Aftercare - Our Relationship Doesn't End with the Deal

After a successful sale, we are there to ensure a seamless closure. We also offer aftercare to address any questions or concerns that may arise after the sale. For us, every customer relationship is valuable, and we aim to build long-term partnerships.

Sell Your Home with Notar

With Notar, selling your home is more than just a transaction. It's a journey towards success, where each step is designed to meet your goals and expectations. Let us be your trusted partner on this journey, where together we create a future full of opportunities. Welcome to Notar - your best deal in life.

Evaluate your home for free!

Fill in your details, and we will contact you shortly.
We also offer digital valuations!

Our Services

As real estate agents, we understand the various stages involved in a sale. If you want a deeper insight into the process, we recommend you visit here and read about the different stages.

  • Free Valuation of the property - We provide a completely free valuation of your property based on location, condition, and potential. You are not obligated to anything through this valuation.
  • Styling and photoshoot - How you present your property is crucial when selling it. We guide you so that it attracts many eyes and becomes an attractive object in the real estate market. We also have a viewing checklist that you can take advantage of.
  • We make your property stand out - Marketing is an important and fundamental step to reach potential buyers in the best way possible. Through us, your property becomes accessible and placed in an attractive perspective with a price that satisfies you.
  • We keep you updated during bidding - When potential buyers bid on your property, you will be regularly updated by your agent and have the opportunity to follow the bidding on our website.
  • Assistance with the contract - It is important that the contract is drawn up correctly. We assist you in all steps from contract and down payment to the final handover of the keys and transfer of the property to the new owner.

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