Housing prices with price statistics

There is much you can do to gain and maintain an understanding of housing prices in your area and in the areas where you are interested in buying a home. With our price statistics in Stockholm, Uppsala, Göteborg, Västerås, Jönköping and Sundsvall, you can keep track of how much homes are selling for and how much variance there is in the prices.

Our price statistics are based on a 12-month period and relate to the latest home sales in the above-named municipalities and counties. Click on the desired area and county, and follow the housing market in detail. Another helpful tip is to stay up to date on the housing market by following news magazines, skimming relevant articles and listening to statements by experts.

Monitor the market where you live

Housing prices can fluctuate considerably depending on various external factors. It is therefore important, in addition to your own property’s value, to also monitor the prices of nearby homes and properties that have been sold recently. Housing prices can vary greatly, in particular in metropolitan areas, and with our price statistics it will be easier for you to gain an understanding and assess when the situation is right to sell or buy a home.

The statistics show:

  • Number of purchases
  • Whether they apply to tenant-owner apartments or villas
  • SEK/m²
  • Average price

Forecasts and trendsr

Even though it can be difficult to accurately predict the level of housing prices in the future, the price statistics may at least provide indications of likely trends in the next few months. It is also particularly important to take this into account when you are considering buying or selling an apartment or a house or villa. Generally speaking, the prices of single-family homes have been subject to less variation than the prices of tenant-owner apartments.

Price trends are affected by a number of factors

  • Interest rates
  • Tax changes
  • Risk of unemployment
  • Demographic factors
  • Income development

The trends are affected by the economy as a whole, and generally speaking it can be said that higher prices provide greater scope for consumption, whereas lower prices lead to the opposite effect. Increased housing prices also provide greater scope for borrowing. If housing prices fall in combination with increased unemployment, banks may suffer losses and loan levels may become higher than the actual value of the underlying property.

Notar discloses the final prices of home sales

Via Notar’s price statistics it is possible to follow the price trend for villas and apartments from area to area. Check out the homes that have recently been sold in your particular area, and perform an assessment of whether or not it is the right time to sell or buy a home. It is also worth keeping an eye on the statistics for anyone who simply wants to stay up to date regarding the latest price trends in the housing market.

In addition to our price statistics, you can also request a free valuation of your property, and of course you can allow our skilled and experienced estate agents to be your right hand throughout the entire process. Keep an eye out for new bidding processes and follow them carefully to gain an even better understanding of the current situation. This is also an excellent way to learn more about the housing market, for example if you are a first-time buyer and want to gain more knowledge about the latest market trends.

At Notar our estate agents possess long experience of the housing market and always communicate openly and honestly with our clients! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or would like more information, or else you can access our price statistics directly for data regarding the latest housing prices.