Valuing a summer house

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If you are thinking of selling your summer house, the team here at Notar can help you by valuing your summer house so that you can sell it for the best possible price. Or if you have recently renovated, improved or extended your summer house, the value of your property may have increased significantly, it which case it could be appropriate to perform a new valuation.

Even relatively minor improvements and measures can cause the value of a summer house to increase significantly, but it is above all else the location of a summer house that is the single most important value-enhancing factor. Furthermore, with a little luck and good judgement, selling at just the right time can result in a higher price than the actual value of a summer house. Experience shows that there is greater market demand for summer houses around Easter and in early spring, which is why many owners choose to sell their summer house at that time of year.

Where is your summer house located?

The location of a summer house is one of the most important aspects when it comes to calculating the value of the property. A summer house that is located in a popular archipelago with good transport connections to the mainland or to a large city or town is likely to be extremely desirable, and close proximity to water and good swimming spots is also a key factor. Location is also a key aspect if your summer house is a torp cottage in the woods. Notar even has an office with a dedicated team of estate agents in Spain, so if your “summer house” is located in Spain you can still book a free valuation that will take all relevant parameters into consideration.

Naturally the standard of the property is also a relevant factor, although a somewhat lesser standard will not necessarily affect the value to any great extent if your summer house leads down to the beach and is otherwise attractively located due to its proximity to a large city or town, or for some other reason. Of course you should make sure that your summer house is in good condition if you are looking to sell it for a high price, however, this aspect is not necessarily as important as it is when selling other types of property.

Value-enhancing measures

Many prospective buyers of a summer house want to be able to live in the summer house for a lengthy period of time, ideally the entire summer period. Therefore, in order to be attractive, a summer house should be habitable with well-functioning bathroom and kitchen facilities. There are many things that you can do, both large and small, to increase the value of your summer house if it is not already equipped with these facilities:

  • Install electricity cables and water pipes
  • Renovate the bathroom with a decent shower and/or bathtub
  • Freshen up the kitchen and install good cooking facilities
  • Put the garden or yard in good condition, perhaps with a guest cabin

Beach access?

Many prospective buyers dream of finding a summer house with direct beach access, and this is therefore an aspect that can significantly increase the value of your property – regardless of whether your summer house is located close to a lake or the sea. The possibility of having their own boat down by the jetty is also extremely attractive to potential buyers.

Important to choose an estate agent with good knowledge of the area

When valuing your summer house, many of the same key principles apply as when valuing an apartment, house or terraced house. In particular it is very important to find an estate agent who has good local knowledge of the area as well as good expertise and experience with regard to the market for summer houses and vacation homes, including the types of locations that are most attractive to potential buyers. At Notar we have extensive experience of valuing and selling summer houses – we know which locations are in greatest demand, and we also have the requisite knowledge and expertise regarding requirements on the condition and standard of properties.

We would be delighted to provide you with a free valuation of your summer house, either digitally or via a physical meeting. Please don’t hesitate to send us pictures and information regarding your property or, alternatively, book a meeting with one of our experienced and friendly estate agents for a full inspection and assessment of your summer house. Read more at free valuation of your home.

Other useful information in connection with the valuation:

  • Drawings
  • Receipts regarding renovations
  • Easement
  • Mortgage deed
  • Water samples if you have your own well

Please don’t hesitate to contact one of Notar’s offices. Our aim is to simplify and optimise the sales process for you!